Introducing TrustWave

Introducing TrustWave

Are you an entrepreneur running a small informal business in Kenya? Do you struggle to keep track of your sales and expenses, create professional-looking invoices and receipts, and provide timely fulfillment notifications to your customers? If so, then you should consider TrustWave, the business management app designed specifically for entrepreneurs like you.

TrustWave is a user-friendly and intuitive app that provides a range of features to help you manage your business more efficiently and effectively. One of its core features is the ability to create dynamic invoices and receipts with one-click payments. With TrustWave, you can quickly generate professional-looking invoices and receipts that include all the necessary details, such as product descriptions, prices, and taxes. You can also accept payments directly through the app, making it easier for your customers to pay you and reducing the risk of payment delays.

Another valuable feature of TrustWave is automated fulfillment notifications. These notifications are sent to your end-customers to let them know when their orders have been fulfilled. This feature not only helps you keep your customers informed but also makes your business look more professional and reliable.

TrustWave also provides a comprehensive dashboard that allows you to monitor your sales and expenses in real-time. You can easily track your cash flow, view your transaction history, and generate reports that provide valuable insights into your business. With this data, you can make informed decisions about your operations and identify areas for improvement.

Overall, TrustWave is a valuable tool for small informal businesses in Kenya that are looking to streamline their operations, look more professional, and provide a better customer experience. With its dynamic invoicing and payment features, automated fulfillment notifications, and comprehensive business management dashboard, TrustWave can help you take your business to the next level. So why not give it a try and see how it can benefit your business?Create a free account at or send us a WhatsApp message at +254768996276 to learn more.